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Quarterly Learnings provides entertaining business and stock news for Millenials/Gen Z – honest, unfiltered takes on current events by fellow young investors.

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Just like everyone else who thinks they know what they’re talking about – we’ve started a YouTube show and podcast!

Check out our featured videos from Quarterly Learnings, covering business news, trends, markets, and honest takes about it all from the Quarter-Life Investors.

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Tech Takes

Check out these Quarterly Learnings episodes featuring the happenings at the tech companies that dominate our daily lives. Whether it’s rocketing stock prices, antitrust lawsuits, or redefining our future, we’ve got the takes on it.

Emerging Trends

Check out these Quarterly Learnings episodes where we discuss emerging trends, such as streaming, legalized sports betting, and electric vehicles. We discuss why people are banking on these trends and what the future looks like for each.

Other Popular Stories

Check out these featured videos that’re tailored directly for fellow Quarter-Life Investors, and how the latest news and trends specifically affect us and our financial futures. 

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