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About Andrew Pate

Andrew Pate

I work in the tech industry doing marketing for a software company. I first began to take an interest in investing after learning the power of compounding interest in school. But other than starting a brokerage account and investing in the stock market, I often found myself unsure of how to best put my money to work.  


Justin Holder

I’m a civil engineer in the public sector and began investing in stocks after the 2018 Christmas drop. I’m still contuining to learn the most effective ways for me to invest my money. 


Ryan Rand

I currently work in supply chain optimization for a large omni-channel retailer in Texas. I began investing with my signing bonus out of college and quickly became obsessed with researching growth stocks for my Roth IRA. After learning the importance of early investing and compounding interest, I was eager to help others reach their short and long-term financial goals. 


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